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Are you a DJ, Hobbyist, or just a Do-It-Yourself-er? Rent from us!


We rent professional audio, video, and lighting equipment in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, and CT) allowing our clients to maximize their existing setups and take their events and gigs to the next level. We offer drop-off and pick-up services, with set-up and break-down as well. Your craft is important, make sure you have the necessary gear to perform. From industry standard Pioneer CDJs, to fog and bubble machines, and even to facades and moving heads, we've got you covered! 


Don't forget us if you ever need a backup, even the day of a gig. We will try our very best to make accommodations for you and rush deliver as well. We know how important gigs are, we're DJs too!


*All rentals require a reservation and deposit. Travel fees may also apply.

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Audio Rentals


Clear, clean, and crisp! Professional audio equipment is arguably the most important gear a DJ or musician uses. If guests at an event can't hear the DJ, band, or performer, it destroys the whole performance!


We have top of the line active and passive speakers from Yorkville, JBL, QSC, RCF, and other reputable and reliable brands. We fine tune our audio setups to perfection. An ESK audio setup is definitely one that will have your clients and guests complimenting the sound.


Contact us and let our professional team help you select the optimal audio setup for your event.



We offer a variety of players and mixers. If you're a turntablist, we have you covered with "the most important musical instrument of the last two decades", Technics 1200s. Need to get more modern? We have a selection of Pioneer CDJs and controllers, including the DJM-S9 and DDJ-SZ. 




Lighting/Uplighting/Projection/TV/LED Screens


Uplighting has made such a significant difference at our own events, and they can do so at yours too. Especially when connected via DMX, they can be controlled from a small user-friendly board, and even be programmed to change colors to the music. 


If you're in need of dance lighting, we have a selection of LED lights, lasers, and moving heads. In addition, we offer TV and LED Screen setups.


Need projection for a slideshow, name-projection/gobo/monogram, or for a presentation? Look no further, contact us today!

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